Top reasons for choosing the boutique accommodation in Byron Bay


Boutique hotels are becoming common these days, and many people like to select those hotels to stay in. When you are on tour to Byron Bay, you will have different options for stay. You can choose the bungalows, chain hotels or the boutique hotels. You can choose which you think is most suitable for you. Every type of hotel and accommodation has its benefits. This article will discuss the benefits of having boutique accommodation Byron Bay and why people prefer boutique hotels more than bungalows and more prominent hotels.

Personalized service

Boutique hotels are usually small in size from 10 rooms to 100 rooms. When the size of a hotel is small, the management can easily facilitate you whenever you need some help. In the chain hotels, you don’t get that much care from the upper management which you get in boutique Byron Bay hotels.

Stylish and comfortable rooms

Most of the chain hotels have the same environment. You won’t feel the culture of the country or city you are visiting in the chain hotels. Their exterior and interior are luxurious, which you can feel in the first look. In chain hotels, you cannot enjoy the local culture. The rooms in boutique hotels are designed uniquely. You can feel the smell of the local culture in boutique hotels which is rare in chain hotels. 

Community interaction

Boutique hotels are way smaller than the chain hotels, and that’s why it is easier to interact with the management of the hotel. You can make good relations with the administration and ask them about the best local places. You can spend your time with them to explore the culture. If you build good connections with them, you may also get the extra care from them.

Location of the hotels

The location of boutique hotels is also good because they don’t need a lot of space to build. Chain hotels demand a massive area for their building which is very expensive in the centre of cities, and at the main tourist points. The boutique hotels are most of the time near to the main tourist attractions, and you can enjoy the good views during the night and dawn time if you are staying near the main tourist attractions.


Boutique accommodation Byron Bay is much cheaper than the chain hotels and large bungalows. You can save a lot of your money if you choose to live in boutique hotels. The money you save in accommodation can be spent on other things.