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Types of Large Group Accommodation

Have you ever got a chance to know what large group accommodation options are available? In this guide, we have listed some of the most common accommodation options that are available when you go travelling.

Bed and breakfasts:

This is the most common type of accommodation that is denoted as property or residence in which both the guests and owners live under the same roof. It is mainly for a large group of people who are looking for the best accommodation. B and B is a large property that is specially designed or purpose-built to accommodate guests and owners in their rooms.

Plus, it also provides private bathrooms to the guests. In most cases, these bathrooms are shared among guests. The hosts or owners also live in the same property but in a different B and B. And in this accommodation, both the beds and breakfast freshly cooked and served each morning by the owner are provided.

Self-contained accommodation:

In this type of accommodation, guests are provided with all the facilities they need to live. A few amenities might be shared, such as laundry. But in this accommodation, you are offered full cooking facilities and a refrigerator as well. Moreover, this accommodation varies from functional homes, cabins, quaint historic cottages to modern apartments. This option is great for those who want a bit more privacy.

large group accommodation


It is one of the popular Wooli beach accommodation options. These are the large floating motel rooms that allow the guests to cruise down the lakes or rivers while experiencing all the benefits of a water-based holiday.

Hotels and motels:

Hotels normally consist of a room with an attached bath and lounge area. There are some hotels that have large apartments as well as also provide fully self-contained accommodation. Plus, they also offer in-house restaurants, swimming pools, and conference facilities. Motels are also a great accommodation option, and it is the best option for people who can drive up to the doors of their rooms. Motels normally consist of a bedroom, though some offer apartment-style, fully self-contained accommodation.


These accommodations are located on rural properties, and it provides accommodation to the guests along with the experience of day to day farm life. This type of large group accommodation consists of a purpose-built unit or a cabin that is separate from the main farm. These are also fully self-contained accommodations.

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